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Hanamaki 12 Tou


In Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture,
located in the Tohoku area of Japan,
there is Hanamaki Onsenkyo,
where 12 hot springs gush along the river that runs through the quiet mountains.

Located in this Hanamaki Onsenkyo
are the 12 hot springs of Hanamaki Onsen, Dai Onsen, Matsukura Onsen, Shidotaira Onsen, Watari Onsen, Osawa Onsen, Yamanokami Onsen, Namari Onsen, Shinnamari Onsen, Kanaya Onsen, Hanamaki-kita Onsen, and Towa Onsen
and are named the "Hanamaki 12 Tou".

Its features are a wide variety of hot spring inns, such as a rugged hot spring town
with old-fashioned hot spring inns, a modern hotel where families and couples can enjoy a resort atmosphere, etc., so that you can enjoy various hot spring trips according to your goals and your mood.

Enjoy the luxury of soaking in hot springs being surrounded by nature at Hanamaki,
which is one of the leading hot spring spots in the Tohoku area.

Hanamaki 12 Tou Map

  • Hanamaki Onsen

    Established in 1923. There are four hotels on the vast and natural grounds, and guests can enjoy the hot springs in three of the hotels, representative of the Tohoku area.

  • Dai Onsen

    A hot spring with a long history, said to have been discovered 1200 years ago. You can enjoy the rustic atmosphere of a hot spring town in the mountain valley.

  • Matsukura Onsen

    A hot spring where you can fully enjoy the water flowing 100% from the source. Meals are also substantial, and they are proud of their Kaiseki cuisine and of their freshly prepared dishes brought from the open kitchen.

  • Shidotaira Onsen

    In Hotel Shidotaira, you can enjoy 18 types of baths, including a 25-meter-large bath, a cypress bath, an open-air bath with a view on the beautiful valley, and a reservable private bath. At Shidate, there is an open-air bath in every guest room, so you can spend a luxurious hot spring time.

  • Watari Onsen

    You can enjoy a spacious open-air bath and various hot springs such as a sauna, a whirlpool bath, and a jade bath. Enjoy the nature of the four seasons, hot springs and seasonal dishes.

  • Osawa Onsen

    Osawa Onsen has two inns, a modern pure Japanese-style inn "Sansuikaku" and a traditional style "Tojiya". The location is great, and the open-air bath "Osawa no Yu" that faces the river, and that can be used by both men and women, is well known.

  • Yamanokami Onsen

    The hot spring inn was designed by a Japanese carpenter focusing traditional architecture. Here, you can enjoy four types of hot spring baths flowing directly from the source. You can also enjoy their English-style garden in a Yukata.

  • Namari Onsen

    An hot spring inn that is said to have a more than 600 years history. The hot spring with a depth of more than 1 meter that you can enter while standing is popular. All rooms in the annex “Jusangatsu" are suites.

  • Shinnamari Onsen

    You can enjoy 17 kinds of baths such as rock baths, open-air baths and standing baths from 3 different hot spring sources. Seasonal local dishes of Iwate can be prepared and served in two styles, buffet or set meal.

  • Kanaya Onsen

    A hot spring located in a golf course and an athletic park. You can see the rich nature from their large public bath or open-air bath.

  • Hanamaki Kita Onsen

    The hot spring water here is known for having thick texture. You can enjoy a 4-meter "walking bath" (long bath where you can walk around) or spend your leisure time in a sleeping bath with shallow water.

  • Towa Onsen

    In this area, there are not only roadside stations and other accommodation facilities, but there is also a Western-style garden and beauty salons where you can enjoy a leisurely walk and spend a relaxing day.