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Hanamaki Sightseeing Recommended Itinerary

If you stay at Hanamaki, you can visit different sightseeing spots
over a wide area conveniently.
First, we will explain about the access to Hanamaki Onsenkyo,
where most of the lodgings are located, after arriving at Hanamaki by public
transportation such as airplane or Shinkansen.

  • Arrive at "Iwate Hanamaki Airport" by plane.

    It takes about 15 to 40 minutes by taxi
    from Iwate Hanamaki Airport to Hanamaki Onsenkyo.

  • Arrive at "Shin-Hanamaki Station"
    by taking the JR Tohoku Shinkansen.

    There is a free shuttle bus from Shin-Hanamaki Station to Hanamaki Onsenkyo.
    Click here for more details.

  • Arrive at "Hanamaki Station"
    by taking the JR Tohoku Main Line

    You can go from Hanamaki Station to Hanamaki Onsenkyo
    using a free shuttle bus, a fixed-route bus, or a taxi. When taking a taxi,
    it takes about 15 to 25 minutes to arrive at Hanamaki Onsenkyo.
    Click here for more details on the free shuttle bus.

After enjoying a leisurely stay enjoying hot springs in Hanamaki Onsenkyo,
below is a sightseeing itinerary for the next days.
Using taxi to travel around is recommended in the vast Iwate prefecture.
There are various itineraries that you can enjoy,
such as city sightseeing, one-day itineraries a bit further away, etc.

  • Half-day taxi itinerary[Estimated time: 4 hours]


  • World Cultural Heritage – Hiraizumi area itinerary[Estimated time: 6 hours]


  • One-day itinerary by taxi[Estimated time: 6 hours]


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