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Hanamaki Festival

The Hanamaki Festival is an autumn festival that represents Hanamaki, with a history and tradition of more than 420 years, and is said to have started when the lord who founded Hanamaki was enshrined.
Held on the three days of the weekend of the second week of September, multiple parades are held, such as Hanamaki Mikoshi, which holds the Guinness World Record for the number of portable shrines used, as well as various local entertainments.
You can also participate in the "Hanamaki Mikoshi" portable shrine parade on the day. Carrying a portable shrine, you will parade through the festival, get in the spotlight, and receive cheering from everyone. This experience that you can only have in Hanamaki, will surely be a wonderful and unforgettable memory.

Sky lantern event
"Hanamaki Night around the stars"

This event is a winter-only event where lanterns containing wishes are released all at once in the night sky of Hanamaki.
The sky lanterns floating in the snowy starry sky are beautiful and kind of magical.
After attending the event, stay at the hot springs in Hanamaki and spend a special time.
How about releasing a sky lantern with your wish in the starry sky of Hanamaki and spending a memorable time with your loved ones?

All Japan Wanko Soba Contest

"Wanko Soba" is a dish consisting of bite-sized soba bowls that are served one after another until the customer is full, with the side of the customer's choice.
Held every year on February 11, it is an event that gathers participants from all over the world that are confident in their ability to eat.
The goal is to eat as many bowls as you can in the 5 minutes time limit. The record is 258 bowls.

Information on other seasonal events is also posted on Facebook.
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